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Asena is a star belly dancer of the last decades. Her modern look, great belly dance moves, and her scandal-ridden and highly publicized love affair(s) have made her a target for tabloids. There is no doubt that she has put back belly dancing and gave it a prominent place in the Turkish public's agenda.


Asena, whose real name is Onur Çakmak, lived both in Turkey and Germany as a child. Virtually abaondoned by her parents, she was raised by her grandmother and is not estranged from her parents. She studied at a Turkish university while getting a degree at the LCC Modeling and Elegance School.

Although she hasn't had a formal training in belly dance, she quickly proved her talent in belly dancing and rose to celebrity status. She has been invited to a concert given by Mick Jagger, to a birthday party of Tina Turner and to a night in British Queen Elizabeth's palace. She performed during the visit of former Amerıcan President Bill Clinton for HABITAT.

Although, all these are enough to make her a celebrity, Asena reached the peak of her fame during the IBO Show appearances (by İbrahim Tatlıses). She departed from IBO Show under circumstances and her being shot soon afterwards have become food for much gossiping and tabloid articles.

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